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Rules of Playing IndiaLudo - Best Online Ludo Game

Join the game of tactics to play and win fruitful rewards! This riveting online ludo game comes with two to four players dashing their tokens from the beginning to the end for winning a title awaited by everybody.

Follow the below points for ludo rules:

  • Pawn placement - There are four equal-sized squared color plots in all four corners - Red, yellow, Green, Blue. The four pawns are placed matching the plots.
  • The first player - You can decide this by rolling the dice, and anyone who gets the highest number gets to roll the dice first. The game will start with that particular player.
  • Dashboard - Ludo dashboard is like a perfect cross. The main aim is to take a lap around through entire outer rows and come back to your plot and then enter the middle row, the same color as your plot.
  • First move - Players who roll the dice and get a six will be allowed to take the pawn out of the plot. However, you must keep rolling until you get a six, to play ludo game. If you do not get a six, then you must keep rolling the dice until you get a 6 number to place your pawn outside your plot.
  • Killing an opponent - The main aim of every player in Ludo board game is to prevent other players from reaching their respective house base, for that player must kill other players pawn by landing on the same place where the opponent player pawn is positioned. By doing so, you will send the opponent's pawn back in the pocket, and they will have to roll a six again to bring that pawn back on board.
  • Another roll - According to ludo game rules, a six on a dice gets you another roll. Similarly, if you reach home after completing the lap, you get an extra roll. Also, killing an opponent gives you an extra roll.
    However, if you score six three times in a row then, one of you six would stand void.
  • Take turns - Once you roll the dice and move your pawn, then hand over the dice to the next player, so that game can keep moving. Always move clockwise. Each player should roll the dice and take turns and keep moving the pawns until all the pawns reach their particular house base.
  • Win the game - You must reach your home space with all your four pawns to win the game. The first player to get all his four pawns on the home base will win the game.
  • Out of move - Passes are not permitted; if no move is conceivable, it passes to the following player.