7 Rules of Ludo Every Player Should Know


For centuries, people have found joy in playing board games. Every child or adult has fond memories of playing a board game. Prior to the advent of smartphones, board games were regarded as an entertaining collection. This would be one of people’s favorite pastimes.

A board game that has always ruled our hearts is Ludo.

Despite the development and an era of digitalization, Ludo has remained. Despite the digitisation of the game, Ludo has become an excellent online game that is loved by its players. In spite of digitization, online ludo games have managed to preserve their essence and bring back nostalgic memories. People have relied on this game for comfort and stress relief during stressful times. 

There is no difference between online ludo and the board game, except that the internet has made it a much smarter game with capabilities such as chat boxes, emoticons, and defined graphics. As we can play Ludo online with people living far from us, the online ludo app features that we have today make it a lot more attractive and fun than playing on a physical board. The game is so old that all generations are familiar with the rules, for ludo and even the online version is quite easy to play, so even the less tech-savvy members can play it.

What’s really interesting is that you don’t have to find people to play with, unlike board games. You can just download the best online Ludo game — India Ludo to play with lakhs of people when you’re alone. 

What’s more? By defeating your opponent, you can win real money.  The best part of the game is that you can play it anywhere, anytime. 

Online ludo play is roped by a few rules unlike in board games. Even though the rules of ludo game differ from platform to platform, India ludo is designed for easy accessibility and processability for players. The India Ludo platform has basic rules that are easy to understand and apply. 

Here are 7 easy ludo game rules to know before playing online Ludo: 

  1. Who plays first – 

Roll the dice and see who gets the highest number first, and the person who gets the highest number will be the first to roll the dice. The game will begin with that player.

  1. Dashboard –

A Ludo board is square with a pattern in the shape of a cross, with each arm divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. For each colour, the middle squares act as their home column. The ‘home’ area of the cross is a large square divided into four triangles, one for each colour. Each corner of the circuit has coloured circles (or squares) where the pieces are placed to begin.

Starting with a square to the right of the starting circle, the counters will begin their circuit one square in. 

To begin, each player selects one of the four colours (green, yellow, red or blue) and places 4 pieces of that colour in the corresponding starting circle. To determine movement, a single die is thrown.

  1. Killing an opponent –

Each player in Ludo’s board game must prevent another player from reaching their house base by killing their opponent’s pawn by landing in the same position as their opponent’s pawn. As a result, you will return the opponent’s pawn to the pocket, and they will have to roll a six again to get their pawn back.

  1. Another chance –

Ludo game online rules state that a six on a die gets you another roll. If you reach home after completing the lap, you get an extra roll. Additionally, killing an opponent gives you an extra roll. Nevertheless, if you score six three times in a row, then one of your six would stand void.

  1. Take turns –

After you roll the dice and move your pawn, the dice moves to the next player, so the game can continue. The game always proceeds clockwise. Take turns rolling the dice and moving the pawns until all the pawns reach their respective house bases.

  1. Winner –

To win, all four of your pawns must reach your home space. A player who gets all four of his pawns on the home base wins the game.

  1. Out of move – 

If no move is possible, it passes to the next player.

The game of Ludo is not a matter of luck, but of skillful play and strategic thinking. Ludo game download online will not only kill boredom but also teach you a few skills like concentration, creative thinking, and problem-solving. In short, you can learn a lot from playing such games. Play ludo earn money!

Now that you know how to play ludo game, download India Ludo today and win big with the basic steps mentioned above! Take control of the game of skills while earning ludo game paytm cash with instant withdrawals. 

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