8 Tips To Win Ludo From Board Game Rulers – Our Grandparents


Ludo is one of the oldest and loved games by all age groups. No matter what age you are, you will always enjoy playing ludo. Nowadays ludo is not just that old school board game, Ludo has become modern and advanced. You don’t need to sit in front of that old board anymore with your friends and family to enjoy the game. All you need to do is ludo games download on your phone and enjoy the game anywhere and with anyone.

This lockdown duration gives a high rise to the popularity of ludo, not only kids but even parents and grandparents got addicted to play ludo and earn money. Ludo became the most fun way to earn money. All you have to do is ludo game downloading and play ludo game, earn money. 

However, to earn money we need to win the game, and for that we need to follow some rules and strategies. When it comes to ludo games, no one can give better advice than our grandparents, who have been playing it for over half a century. We gathered a few old members of India Ludo who have played the game since lockdown. They’re all over 50. We have invited them to share tips and tricks that they use to win Ludo. 

Here are some tips to win ludo, especially those that are followed by our grandparents. 

1) Release each piece as soon as possible:

Try to bring all your pawns out of the house as soon as possible because if one of your pawns gets killed by your opponent, then you can still be in the game with the other three. 

2) The risk of pieces:

The importance of a piece is directly proportional to its proximity to the house. If you have got to risk your pieces to go away the stars, risk those closest to the place to begin in the 1st and 2nd quadrant. Preserve your pieces close to the endpoint.

3) Leave starts carefully:

Think twice before leaving the star that is the safe spot on the board. Because as soon as you do that you can get killed by your opponent. Try to leave the spot after your opponent crosses you and then comes from behind and smashes them. 

4) A second chance to score right:

If you would like to run away or chase your opponent, moving your piece into the endpoint through home could offer you a second chance to score right.

5) Give no opportunity to move:

Try to block your opponent to one piece, by this your opponent won’t have a choice and they have to rotate the one-piece continuously and also the chances of their piece getting killed are very high.

6) Start star point:

Once you are left with your last pawn, make sure that you stay on the star and come back to the star as soon as you can. This is the only way you can still be in the game and try to reach your home as soon as possible.

7) 6 places away to cut back the probabilities of getting killed:

Always try to maintain the distance of 6 places from your opponent, by doing so your chances of getting killed will decrease and you can be in the game for a longer period. 

8) Aim for a more robust position: 

If you think that your winning chances are low, then try now to come last. Try to secure a second or third position in the game at least. 

Ludo is a game that not only kills your time but it will also give you the chance to spend time with your elders. As everyone is getting technology-friendly nowadays then what is wrong with taking advantage of the technology and spending time with your grandparents even if they are far from you. This will not only kill their time but even you can earn real cash, ludo game. SO, start playing today and learn some amazing tricks from your grandparents as well. 

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