Why Online Ludo Game is Better Than Other Online Games


Did you know that in the last five years, ‘online ludo’ surpassed its peak during Pandemic 2020. As a matter of fact, it was the most downloaded app in June 2020 with major downloads occurring mainly in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Maharashtra. Additionally, in the last 5 days, people have searched for ‘Ludo game download’ 15,000 times.

Isn’t that intriguing? Despite being the most played childhood game, it has resurfaced digitally and gained popularity not just amongst young teens, but also adults as well. It is refreshing in numerous ways that ‘play ludo and earn money’ have become people’s preferred online games for a multitude of reasons, which includes a nostalgic connection to the game, easy-to-learn techniques, and the ability to bring a family together through just one game.

We are living in unprecedented times in India due to the threat of the third wave of terrorism. In addition to India, the pandemic has impacted many other countries as well. Besides impacting physical health, it has also affected mental health in a negative way. Even so, we cannot ignore the fact that the immobility resulting from lockdown has kept some people distant from their families and friends, while others are blessed with the ability to spend time with their families. 

As a result of the hassle that surrounds people, they have looked for ways to divert their attention, and among the many things which come to mind are ludo play game, which have become quite popular. In addition to the game being easy, as mentioned above, the online version can also be played with friends and family sitting in the next room or even across the country. It has re-connected old networks.

Based on the basic ludo board concept, the game allows even a novice or digitally unskilled person to be able to play and win the game. Therefore, reducing the stress caused by being separated under lockdown or competition. As a result of the game, both urban and rural areas have been brought together. One of the features of ludo games download is the ability to create custom themes, chat, share funny emoticons, and many more. However, what if you could earn money while playing Ludo? This seems a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Well! With India Ludo, a legitimate gaming app, you are able to challenge your friends, family, or other people across India and take on their strategic skills. In addition to its reliability, Ludo download app also offers additional benefits, such as referral bonuses.

You can win and top the leaderboard while earning money by using the India Ludo earn money app. As soon as results are announced for a tournament, winners can cash out with a Paytm bank transfer. India Ludo is the most exclusive real money ludo game, downloaded thousands of times daily.

To win a ludo rules game, you must develop strategies and use your mind in order to win. It is nothing more than a digital version of the board game you used to play as a child. It has been reported that some of our users earn up to Rs. 500 a day during which they demonstrate their critical thinking ability by winning various challenges while having fun at the same time.

Join India Ludo now in just a few simple steps and get a chance to compete against other players and earn – 

Download India Ludo Game App – Install – Register – Select the game – Pick the contest … and Tada! You are there!

Earn money by playing!

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