5 Hacks to Win Ludo Real Cash From the Best Ludo Money Earning App


Having played Ludo since childhood, do you feel confident about winning? Well, that is what every player believes, until they play against individuals who almost always win strategically! 

Over the years, Ludo has updated itself into a mobile format – an Online Ludo real money game. We stayed indoors due to Coronavirus outbreaks, maintaining social distance. Stuck in the lockdown away from home, doing cooking and laundry, binge-watching series and playing games, etc. The introduction of the online version of this traditional ludo game has immensely helped families and friends feel connected to each other. 

Despite its simplicity, the game is very engaging and refreshing. Since it is such an old game, all generations are familiar with it. Playing Ludo real money app with your family is a great way to bring them together and make them closer. You always make wonderful memories with your loved ones when you play the game.

The India Ludo money earning app was developed to make it easier for people who are not familiar with the digital Ludo real cash concept. Connecting people of all ages through an app with an easy-to-use interface. In spite of generational differences, the Ludo real money game continues to prove to be the essence of fun and the pleasure it delivers is unparalleled. As well, even if you are distant from your friends or loved ones who are feeling low, you can use the platform to take them away from stress, challenge them, and tease them.

You can also earn money while playing the best ludo earning app with India Ludo. Engage with people on an open platform or challenge them privately. In this way, your thrill is doubled while the money rotates within the defined circle.

How do you win? Master Ludo real money online by turning your blind gameplay into strategic experiences. You will increase your chances of winning every game while earning big!

Here are 5 ways of how to play a ludo game and earn big as suggested by real-time players:

1. Control your opponent’s movement

You stay ahead of the game by blocking the pawns of your opponents. However, you should not restrict your movement instead. A game of skills requires you to plan every move carefully. To make your token reach its final destination, you must move it. In order to win the game, you must also pay attention to the opponent’s movements. 

By blocking their moves, you’re not only slowing them down but also improving your chances of winning. However, you should also play strategically to ensure your token is not cut out of the game before it reaches its initial position. When playing a real money Ludo game, this is the most common mistake people make. Sometimes they are so focused on blocking others or moving ahead that they overlook the risk of being killed. Instead of focusing on one pawn, they overlook the four.

2. Put all of your pawns out in the first chance possible –

The decision of whether to play the next six or pull out the next pawn is very subjective, but it is recommended to pull out your pawn on six whenever possible. Once more than one pawn is on the board, you can move anyone to your advantage.

As we discussed in the previous step, blocking the opponent’s pawn becomes easier when all your pawns are spread out. 

On the other hand, one token out may slow down the game and the fear of being killed will put the game on a halt. To avoid it, remove the maximum number of pawns possible and move wisely. Spreading your pawns will make you the king of the board and increase your chances of winning.

3. Changing the timing of your dice roll –

Sounds weird right? But it is a tried and tested hack!

Ludo’s secret tip is to change the timing of your throw. Even though it is not a tested algorithm, the Ludo winners say it works every time. Your chances of winning are reduced by the algorithm. When you play for a higher amount, some of the apps will automatically give you low numbers like 1, 2 or 3. So, the first step first, choose the app wisely. I would strongly recommend India Ludo.

Changing the timing of your dice is a simple winning trick of Ludo which gives you more versatile numbers. The earlier you throw the dice, the greater your chances of getting a six or a one are. You only have to observe at what time approximately you roll the dice whenever it shows a six or a one. Once you have an understanding of timing, you can use it to your advantage in the game and become a Ludo Star.

4. Attack your opponent’s pawns –

It’s a trick we’re all familiar with. It’s a no-brainer! When moving your pawn, not only target the destination but also kill opponents’ tokens as soon as possible and whenever you get the chance. When playing Ludo online multiplayer, the more tokens you kill, the slower your opponents become. 

No matter if the opposition is a family member or a stranger, winning should be the goal. Therefore, show no mercy. Take advantage of the opportunity and put your opponents behind you. Focus on the goal and use critical thinking and decision making to play the game.

5. Pawn movement –

Be sure to keep an eye on all four pieces you have in the game. Ensure your number, move, and pawn are aligned correctly. To avoid being killed by your opponents, stay in a safe space. When you get bigger numbers on the dice, you can move to safe blocks. Make the pawn near your starting point smaller so that getting killed would not be a big loss for your game.

The main hack is to play wisely, think critically and hold patience before moving any pawns.  

Now that you know the winning strategy, download India Ludo and play India’s most played ludo game. Enjoy the joining bonus and take advantage of the referral amount. 

Play Ludo and earn money with Ludo real money app download!

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