Effective Strategies to Win a Ludo Online Challenge And Earn Money


Ludo is one of the most famous and fun board games. We have known ludo for years and the ludo never lets us down when it comes to having fun. But in recent days when people were locked inside their houses and had nothing to do, Ludo became the favorite pastime of many.

During this lockdown, the online ludo challenge was one of the most trending things. Almost everyone was playing a ludo online challenge game. People were taking ludo online challenges and having fun with their friends and family. 

There are many ludo game app available. But the question is which one is the best ludo app?  If you ask us, Indian ludo is one of the best ludo game app where you can play and enjoy with your friends and family. You can also chat with your loved ones while playing the game. It is just like the normal ludo. Indian ludo app is also the best ludo app to earn money. You can earn money and good cash prizes while playing and having fun with your friends and family.

Every game comes with some rules which you need to follow while playing.

Here are some ludo rules India, India Ludo which you need to follow while playing the game:  

1. Pawn placement – There will be 4 different plots of different colors (generally, blue, red, yellow, green) in all four corners matching the pawns. 

2. Dashboard – The game objective is to take a complete lap of the board and get all your pawns home before anyone else’s.

3. The first move – The one who gets the first six will make the first move in the game. You have to roll the dice again and again till you get a six. Every time a pawn dies, it must be withdrawn from home with a six.

4. Killing an opponent – To reach your respective houses, if needed, you need to kill the opponent’s pawn coming in your way.  By doing so, you will slow down your opponent’s game thus increasing your chance to win.

5. Another roll – According to ludo game online rules, a six on a dice gets you another roll. Similarly, if you reach home after completing the lap, you get an extra roll. Also, killing an opponent gives you an extra roll. However, if you score six three times in a row then, one of your six would stand void.

6. Take turns – Once you roll the dice and move your pawn, then the dice moves to the next player, so that game can keep moving. The game always moves clockwise. Each player should roll the dice and take turns and keep moving the pawns until all the pawns reach their particular house base.

7. Win the game – For winning the game all four pawns should be in your base home. The first player who gets all his pawns inside the base home will win the game.

8. Out of move – Passes are not permitted; if no move is conceivable, it passes to the following player.

Ludo is not a game of luck but skillfully playing and strategizing the game, you might win every game you play strategically. 

Here are some strategies that can help you to win the game:

1. The 7-Steps Rule

The most important rule of ludo that you need to keep in your mind is that you need to stay seven steps ahead of your opponent. This will always keep you safe from your opponents. 

2. Patience is Everything

Patience is one of the most important factors you need to remember. You need to play patiently using your mind and remembering the rules of the game.

3. Waiting Game

This is another point you should always remember. Try to be at the safe spot on the board. If you take that safe spot on the board try to be there until your opponent crosses that spot. 

4. Have All Tokens On Board At The Same Time

Try to keep all your tokens on the board during the game. If one of your tokens gets killed by your opponent then you have 3 more backups to continue your game, you don’t have to start from the starting point again.

5. Play with People

To increase the thrill of your game, play with real people, not just some computer bot. Your skills and thrill will multiply when you play with real people and face real challenges. When you play with real people, a feature that India Ludo offers you, you can bank on your strategic skills and also improve them, as playing against a person is always more difficult and challenging than playing with a bot. 

6. Invest Money in a Game

In India Ludo, you can play with real money. Games are always more thrilling and exciting when you have a chance of winning a real cash prize. You can always encash the amount you have won on Paytm or bank transfers. This way, you can earn money doing your favorite thing, that is, playing a game of online Ludo.

Ludo is always a fun game to play. But now you can even earn a good amount of money and prizes just by playing Ludo in your free time. Play daily to get bigger prizes and even greater experiences.

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