6 Tips to Play Online Ludo India Like a Pro


If you are a good board game player, India Ludo should definitely be on your list of games to try.

Ludo game, traditionally called ‘Pachisi,’ is a centuries-old game that originated in India. A three thousand year old game still played in every home today.

As you play and progress in the game, you develop a sharper mind. While you think about the uncertain outcome with every roll of the dice, you might find yourself jumping around as a jolt of excitement runs through you. Unlike other games, ‘Luck’ does not play an important role in India Ludo online. You can earn games daily with well-planned moves, strategic desion making and more tips.

There have been countless versions of the game over the years. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, India Ludo has gained attention in recent months due to his abundance of free time.

Today’s blog is about how you can win each game of online ludo India that you play. Find out the top 6 pro tips to win online Ludo in India:

1. Understand the rolling rules

Following your previous roll, you may roll the dice in any of the following three situations:

– Your dice roll yielded a six.

– You’ve just sent an opponent’s token back to their home base.

– You’ve brought a token to the last square towards the centre of the board.

By understanding these rules, you can place yourself in an advantageous position when you have another chance at rolling the dice. It should be used with caution and strategic thinking.

2. Block and lock opponent’s move

Rhyming, is it? Well! Not when it comes to the real game. Ludo game Indian, whether they are played online or on a board, require skillful tactics and strategies to win. Having said that, winning a Ludo game in India is all about blocking your opponents’ moves. As a result, you will not only slow down your opponent but also increase your chances of winning. This strategy is a sure-fire way to win ludo games. 

In doing so, however, do not forget to defend your own pawns. Make sure your token is not in danger of being cut out of the game and reach its initial position.

3. Four pawns on board!

No brainer! It is also wise to pull all tokens out as soon as you can. If your dice shows a six or a one, instead of moving the tokens that are already out, you should focus on taking out the tokens that aren’t on the playing board yet.

But well! Also, see if you are able to kill an opponent’s pawn or need to escape from them. Later don’t come and blame us for your pawn getting killed while you were busy withdrawing another pawn on six.

Although this advice helps the game moving, this is where critical thinking plays a role. 

If all your tokens are out, you can move your game faster. Otherwise even if one of your tokens have reached the house and the other three haven’t, it will take time for you to win and you may even end up losing to your opponents. To prevent that from happening, take care that you take out and play with the maximum pawns you can.

4. Time your dice? Don’t!

Shh! This one is the secret tip of getting a chance at winning every time you play Indian Ludo online. We all know that it is an automated game where dice have their own count, but it is still worth it to give this strategy a try. 

Try to change the timings of your dice throw. It is believed that the sooner you throw the dice the more your chances of getting a six or a one are. All you have to do is a notice at what time approximately you roll the dice whenever it shows a six or a one. Once you get a fair idea of the timing, you can use it to your advantage in the game.

5. Bring the Killer in you!

The surest way to win fast is to kill your opponents’ tokens as soon as you can and whenever you get a chance. The more you kill them, the more you slow them, thus ensuring that you lead the game. Show no mercy! You only need this one move and the game is yours.

6. Rescuing from the chasing pawn –

Ludo games often end with the opponent waiting at the start point of their home for us to pass, then chasing us. When you have become irritated and are waiting for your opponent to act, you begin to move other pawns. I changed my strategy after playing several games. Rather than moving four pawns in different directions on the board, it is wise to move them in pairs. As soon as you play two pawns together, you have a greater chance of moving without being pursued while also increasing the likelihood of killing the opponent’s pawn.

Play to win, but enjoy the fun.” ﹘ David Ogilvy

Follow these four tips and tricks and never lose a game in your life again. We know you love a good old Indian ludo game online and you love winning it. The joy of the victory, though, is childish, is also way too much!

Why choose India Ludo?

  • Unlike other online ludo game, India Ludo is not complicated. I found the app to be easy to use and understand.
  • Many other play Ludo online game apps lack direct bank transfers, which India Ludo app offers.
  • By adding voice chat and text chat, the game became more fun and less stressful. This particular feature is ranked best by many users. 
  • Private tables is where you can play a money game with just my friends, family or people of your choice. The benefit o the same is that money rotates within the known circle.
  • But the best part is snug feeling of the app.

So, India Ludo game, download today and win BIG!

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