Ludo 2 Player Vs 4 Players: Which Ludo Online Game Wins You More?


If you go and ask people which is your all-time favorite board game answer of maximum people will be LUDO. Ludo is for many obvious reasons one of the most amazing board games of all time. People never get bored while playing Ludo. It is always fun playing it with your friends and family.  

Ludo reached new heights of fame during the pandemic. Everyone was locked into their homes and had nothing much to do. And then this online ludo trend came into play. All you need to do is just install an application and play ludo online just on your mobile phones. 

But now ludo is not just for fun. You can play ludo and earn money. There are so many platforms for playing ludo online, earn money. There are so many applications for online ludo. But then the question is which one is the best? If you ask us then it is India Ludo.

India Ludo is a platform that allows you to play ludo online with your friends and family. You can also earn money by playing ludo.  Ludo is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. India ludo is a platform that also allows you to connect with your friends and loved ones while playing and enjoying the game.

Ludo is a game that can be played with two players and four players as well. 

Here are some tricks and tips for playing ludo with 2 or more players.

1. Open all your pieces

One of the most important tips of ludo that you should always keep in your mind is that you should open all your pawns as soon as you get a chance to do so. Bring your pawns out of home one by one as soon as you get six.

2. Don’t run only a single piece all the time

You should not keep running just a single pawn all the time during the game, the time and numbers should be divided into all the pieces. For example: In place of running a single piece, you should keep all the pieces in various locations on the board.

3. Kill the opponent

You should not only focus on reaching your home but also killing your opponent during the game. Kill your opponent’s pawns whenever you get the chance to do so.

4. Block your opponent

Another important tip while playing ludo is to block your opponent as well. You should always be careful while entering your opponent’s house. Move your piece wisely and also block your opponent by chasing their piece.

5. Avoid taking risks

You should not move the pieces that are about to enter the home. Make sure you spread your pawns all over the gaming board wisely. 

6. Collect free coins:

Always stay a step ahead of your opponent. Keep collecting all the free coins you get. 

7. Change the game pattern:

Don’t let your opponent decide what will be your next move. You should never give them the power of reading your mind. You should always keep changing the pattern of your game.

Ludo is an amazing game that you can play with your friends and family. It can be either a 2 player game or 4 player game. But both have one basic and major difference when it comes to online Ludo. In a 4 player game, there will be 2 prizes one is for the person who secured the first position and the other one who secured the second position. So that means you have more chances of winning a prize in a 4 player game. On the other hand in a 2 player game either you will lose the game or you will win the game.India Ludo is a platform that will let you earn money by playing ludo. It is a platform where you can play ludo games, Paytm cash. That means you can withdraw your money wherever you want in your Paytm account.

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