New to Online Ludo? 8 Rules to Follow While Playing on India Ludo


Online Ludo became one of the best ways to pass the time during this coronavirus period. People were locked in their homes and had nothing to do and then this online ludo trend came into play and almost everyone got addicted to it. Everyone was playing ludo online with their friends and family and having fun sitting in their respective homes. 

Ludo is a game that we have known for years but this pandemic makes ludo famous like never before. You can play ludo with anyone and anytime you want. All you have to do is join India Ludo and enjoy the game. India ludo is a ludo money earning app.

Ludo is a game that looks easy but needs a lot of strategies to win. It needs 2-4 players in which the players rotate their 4 tokens during the complete game. You can also interact with your friends and family during the game.

Ludo became one of the best things to reduce your stress during the pandemic. Most of the working professionals used to play ludo and earn real money during their work from home period to reduce their stress and get relieved. 

Ludo is not a timepass anymore. You can play the ludo game, earn money by showing your skills in ludo. You can play ludo the whole day and can earn real money. All you need to do is participate in the ludo tournament and show your skills and you have a chance to win amazing prizes. 

Every game comes with some rules you need to follow. Here are some basic rules of Ludo you need to remember and you can earn money by playing ludo online. 

1. Pawn placement – There are 4 different color plots of the same size in all four corners: Red, yellow, Green, Blue. All 4 pawns have to be placed in the matching color plots. 

2. The first player – The first player can be decided by just rolling the dice and whoever gets the highest number will roll the dice first. The game will start with that particular player.

3. Dashboard – The main motive of the game is to take the complete round of all the rows and come back to your plot and after that, you will enter into the middle row and all your 4 pawns should be placed in the center of the board. 

4.First move – Whoever gets a six on dice first will be able to make the first move in the game. You need to keep rolling the dice until you get a six. 

5.Killing an opponent – For reaching your respective house base you not only need to protect your pawns from other players but you also need to kill other players’ pawns coming in your way. 
By doing this your opponent needs to start again from the starting point and your chance of winning the game will increase.
6. Another roll – According to the rules of ludo you will get another chance of rolling the dice if you get a six. Similarly, if you reach your base home after completing the round you will get an extra roll. Killing your opponent will also give you another chance to roll the dice. But if you get six 3 times in a row then, one of your six would stand void.

7. Take turns – You need to pass the dice to the next player after rolling the dice once and moving your pawn, and just like that the game keeps on moving. You need to rotate the dice clockwise. Each player should roll the dice and take turns and keep moving the pawns until all the pawns reach their particular house base.

8. Win the game – For winning the game all four pawns should be in your base home. The first player who gets all his pawns inside the base home will win the game. 

India Ludo, the real cash ludo game, is a game of skills that not only refreshes your time but also helps you to increase your thinking capabilities. It is one of the great sources of interacting with your loved ones and you can earn real money by playing ludo online. So ludo is not the same game anymore where you need to sit with your friends and family, roll the dice and see who wins while making lots of decisions and sometimes arguments as well. Now you can play ludo, win cash while having fun.Download Ludo Game, Earn Money!

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