Indialudo App: 7 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Other Online Ludo Apps


Ludo — A game that takes its root back in 3000 BC. Ludo, then called Chaupad or Pachisi, was played by Pandavs and Kauravs in the epic Mahabharat

Time has changed, and with changing time various games have been adapted to mobile and desktop formats to survive the digital world. Amazingly, Ludo, one of the oldest strategic games, has also adopted itself with gripping features and connectivity that are too good to be overlooked.

But before jumping into new features of Indian ludo games, let’s take a dip into where it all began and how the game of Ludo evolved over the years.

Since time immemorial, people of all ages (children or adults) have found joy in playing board games. Long before smartphones arrived, board games were counted as people’s favourite pastimes. Talking of one such board game that has ruled our heart always – Ludo Game. A that brings family together and add happy moments in life. During the pandemics, through times of stress, people have relied on this game for comfort and stress-busting.

Now adopted Ludo online cash game is no different from the ludo board game, except digitalization, which has made it a much smarter game with exclusive features like a chat-box, emoticons, defined graphics and kinds. Today, online ludo apps are more entertaining and stimulating than traditional ludo boards since we can play even with people located far away. Also, being such an old game, all the generations are well acquainted with ludo online cash games, rules and this makes the online version easy to understand. You do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to play this game online. 

What’s more, you ask? You do not need a partner to play ludo anymore, unlike in board games. You can simply log in and play a 2 or 4 player game with random people. This feature not only connects you with like-minded people but take away your loneliness. 

During lockdown days, a lot of people were separated from their loved ones. Also, with such negativity in the surrounding and global crisis, it was difficult for people to not to take stress or get affected. During the same time, ludo cash game online had gained popularity bringing generations that have parted ways due to differences of thinking, together on a platform to play a game. As feedback and testimonials from various people, 60% were of age 40 above, thanking INDIA LUDO, the best ludo game in India, for connecting them to their family. Here are some testimonials and personal reviews people gave about the game: 

1. Rita (Jalgaon), “Mera beta Mumbai mein job karta hai. Kabhi time nahi milta tha usko. Par lockdown mein jab wo saalo baad sath rehne aya, humne ek naya rishta ban gaya. Hum roz raat ko ludo khelte hai aur ek dusre ko challenge karte hai. Meri behne, unke bache bhi aa jate hai. Ludo hamara family game ban gaya hai. India ludo ke emoticon features ne toh game ka maza hi bada dia hai. Ab lockdown khulne ke baad bhi, hum ek dusre ko challenge karte hai aur paise earn karte hai. Thank you India Ludo mera beta mera best friend ban gaya hai.

2. Suchi (Bangalore), “The days when my husband worked from home, he watched matches or did work. Staying at home and not spending time with Sana (6 yrs) and Samar (10 yrs) made my children feel bad. Until we began playing online Ludo games. Spending time challenging each other soon became a part of our routine. Additionally, my kids earned pocket money. And best of all, I can see them thinking critically and making better decisions now! Thank you, Team India Ludo!

3. Jai (Gurgaon), “Stuck alone in the flat during the lockdown for a long time, I felt lonely. Although I had friends and family over the phone. But talking to them 24*7 was not possible. Playing Saga alone only added to loneliness. So, while exploring other games I began to play online ludo. Soon, a friend told me about India Ludo and I love this game. With India Ludo, earning comes simple with just playing ludo. I have so many people I am connected to now. Some one or the other always available for a game challenge. I love India Ludo! Great App!

4. Tanya (Indore), “India Ludo behtareen game hai. Weak knees ke karan mein jyadatar room mein rehti hu. Par grand son ne muje ye game sikhaya. Aur ab main apne grand son, daughter ko roz challenge karti hu. Bahot acha routine ban gaya hai. Thank you.”

India Ludo –

Indian Ludo is a multiplayer strategy game that allows you to challenge your opponent and earn money. India Ludo earn real money online is one of the most trusted and downloaded games.

Among one of the finest games in the industry, India Ludo game app ensures a seamless gaming experience with the most entertaining features to all of its users. Play ludo, win real money!

Online ludo play is roped by a few rules unlike in board games. Although these rules differ from platform to platform, India Ludo comes handy with these basic rules that are easy to understand and apply. 

Here are 7 reasons why India Ludo is better than other online ludo apps:

1. Get a chance to win money:

If you are looking for a place that wins you money and earns you incredible rewards, the platform of tactics is here! You will now get winsome rewards for the greater strategies you put over. Now simply, play ludo and win money

Moreover, we also serve as your mentor and guide. India Ludo blogs provide incredible tips and strategies for winning the game. One that is shared by people winning India Ludo in real-time and experts who have designed the game concept and algorithm. 

2. Safe and Secure:

India Ludo is thoroughly looking for your security. Ludo online game that earns money, ensures you total safety all throughout the gameplay and even outside of it when you have your payment at your palm. The SSL secure system assures 100% secured credentials and payment security. Arriving now with robust 128-bit encryption, it assures every individual of their safety.

3. Redeemable bank transfers:

One game feature has been adopted to answer the various concerns. You don’t just deposit money! You can now redeem your winning amount instantaneously, before even realizing it, and directly transfer it to your bank account.

4. Create private tables:

We understand your pain of staying away from loved ones. During the time of pandemic crisis, it was audio and video call that kept people connected. Hence, we have added this exclusive feature in India Ludo. You can use text and voice chat features and experience real-time gameplay of sitting beside each other. 

5. Refer and Earn:

The top-notch gaming platform earns you rewards when you invite your friends or family to join to play. You can use this feature to get extra rewards that work like deposits while playing the game. 

6. Signup Bonus:

India Ludo, the finest gaming platform, gives Rs. 10/- on registration as a ludo signup bonus, for the very first time! Again, the same bonus can be used to play a game. 

7. Easy to download, navigate and play:

India ludo is designed for easy accessibility and processability for the players. It is an app designed to keep all generations from Gen Z to Baby Boomers.

Don’t wait long! Just download the most popular ludo money app download and earn money. What’s more? Find more than 5 lakh people on the India Ludo platform, challenge them and win real money by defeating them. The best part of the game is you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Download here INDIA LUDO and Get started!

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