Playing Online Ludo with Friends, Family, and Strangers: Different Strategies to Plan


Board games are one of the favorite pastimes for many people. Among all those games Ludo is one of the most popular games. In India Ludo is one of the most privileged games and during the pandemic, it reached a new level of popularity. You can now play Ludo on your phone, laptop, or computer. You can play it with your friends, family, or with any unknown players using a social platform.  

Ludo is a strategy board game for 2-4 players in which the players roll their 4 tokens from the beginning to the end. This online platform for playing ludo allows you to interact with your friends and family while playing it.

Well, it seems that Ludo is an easy game to win but every game involves some strategies and special tricks to win. Some people consider luck as a key factor for winning these kinds of games. But no matter how lucky you are, if you know the strategies you can win any game. 

Here are some strategies by which you can win strategically: 

1. Know The Terminologies Well

Players should know all the terminologies used in the game. Pieces, places, endpoint, home, den, killing, opponents, stars, etc., are some of the essential terms to know before you start playing ludo with friends and family

2. Block Your Opponent’s Moves Carefully

Blocking your opponent is one of the most essential skills you need to remember while playing Ludo. Your winning chances increase every time your opponent chooses not to move and gives you the chance to make the right move. But make sure that the colored tokens are always closer to the target and are never at any risk. 

3. Rule Of 7

Maintaining a distance of seven steps is the thumb rule you need to remember while playing ludo. You need to stay seven steps from your opponent’s token land. And so, even if your opponent gets the highest roll that is six you will stay safe. Therefore, your chances of survival increase, and you will be in the game.  

4. Waiting Game

The safe zone in Ludo is represented by the star-shaped symbol on the board. If you got a place in the safe zone try not getting exposed to your opponent and wait for the next turn until you don’t get a decent dice roll. Or you can wait for your opponent to cross that safe zone and as soon as they cross you, get ready to defeat them with your next move. 

5. Know The Rolling Rules

It is very important to know all the rules before you start playing Ludo. Knowing all the essential rules increases your winning chances. Ensure that the rules of rolling the dice are proper to get fair chances in the game. Get your strategic thinking into play and use these chances wisely to increase your winning chances in the game.

One of the most important reasons behind the success of online Ludo is that you can play anytime and anywhere with your friends, family, and loved ones

We all were locked in our homes last year because of the pandemic and had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Everyone was missing meeting their friends and family for several months. 

Ludo cash game online gained tremendous support in this lockdown period. You can have fun with your friends and family while playing Ludo. 

Ludo was also one of the great stress busters for many. It became one of the most famous pastimes. Most Ludo players take a break from work, studies, or chores to relax. Although these are the key reasons for making Ludo trending throughout this year.

These online Ludo games have come with so many amazing features like:

1. Play ludo and win money: 

India ludo is a real money ludo game, where you can simply earn money by playing the fun game. One of the best features is that you can also earn money by challenging your loved ones, which not only rotates money within a family but adds to the fun as well. So, getting money is now as simple as playing Ludo.

2. Safe and Secure:

The best ludo game in India, India Ludo, ensures safe and instant transfer of money during the game and even after the game as well. 

3. Redeemable bank transfers:

You can redeem all your rewards and winning amount and can transfer it to your account with just one touch. 

4. Create private tables:

 You can interact with your friends and family through text and voice chat features during the game. 

5. Refer and Earn:

India Ludo real cash game earns you rewards by inviting your friends and family to join and play with you. 


Ludo is a game that not only kills your time but also enhances your skills and what is better is playing it online with your loved ones. Right from concentration to creative thinking and problem-solving, you learn a lot of skills from playing such games. Also, nothing can match the excitement and nail-biting anticipation of playing Ludo. That moment when your friend is trying to capture your piece and you are trying desperately to get to the finishing square is thrilling. Nervously praying to roll a ‘six’ and being delighted when you do is another coveted feeling for many. Every game of Ludo is filled with such exciting moments, and no matter how many times you play it, you will feel the same.  

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