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Are you bored at home? All of us are helplessly trapped in this situation and should stay at home until jabbed, but fear not because we have an ‘old is gold’ solution. Ludo is one game that everyone knows. A game that originated in India is Ludo or Pachisi. It is one of the most popular games among families and is considered the most enjoyable. The game is special in its own way, as it connects people together. Ludo is a universally loved game, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds.

Due to everything being digitalized and the fear of the third wave, in addition to the necessity of online games, the demand has skyrocketed for online games.  Everyone enjoys playing online games. In this pandemic, Ludo was the most popular online game. Ludo is a two to four-player board game. During the game, each player receives four tokens and has to move their tokens, kill the opponents, and get all four tokens home before anyone else does.

Although people had become distant from their loved ones during Corona. Staying at home has actually brought back the Ludo days, and people are reliving their childhoods. With the advent of the online version of this traditional game, families and friends have felt more connected than ever. Family is at the heart of Ludo’s appeal. It’s a very entertaining and refreshing game. As such an old game, all generations are familiar with it. Ludo is a game that brings families together. Enjoying it with your loved ones always gives you wonderful memories.

Board games can be considered essential items if we are discussing ways to kill boredom in these times. If you don’t have a physical board with you, do not worry, we have developed a version online that feels the same. Ludo is a game everyone knows and loves. The ludo earning app version is also very easy to understand, and it can be played by anyone. Even when we are locked inside our houses, the best leisurely online Ludo game offers comfort, fun and enjoyment.

Our loved ones living far away, we need some ways to make sure that we don’t lose touch with them and that we don’t lose the bond we share with them. Being connected to something in times of social distancing is crucial.

Regardless of the generation gap, Ludo keeps proving to be the essence of fun and the pleasure it delivers is infallible. It’s common to feel and it is understandable that sometimes it can be quite difficult for families to sit together and have a fun-filled time. Sometimes, you feel like an obligation to sit and spend time with them and to take you away from such thoughts and for you to actually grow your bond stronger to your families, a game of Ludo is your best option. Playing Ludo with family, friends, or relatives can be a lot of fun and strengthen relationships.

Children and adolescents did not feel connected to their families in the past, but now thanks to online games, like Ludo, they can strengthen their bonds with their parents, grandparents, cousins and other family members.

What’s more? Even after getting jabbed and unlocked, you might not be able to visit your family and loved ones longer. For a time like this, ludo earn money game would continue to connect you to your family, loved ones, and cousins. Furthermore, even if you are far from your friends or loved ones who are feeling down, you can use the platform to distract them from stress, challenge them, and tease them.

A person’s family time plays a very important role in their lives. Play online ludo games with them, make them feel special, and rejuvenate yourself. 

Everyone can relate to this when a player gets two consecutive sixes, and then when he is about to roll the dice for the third time, everyone starts hoping he will get another six and pass the chance to the next player. Yelling, wishing for another six, and killing is what makes the game so enjoyable. Additionally, India Ludo offers voice chat, text chat, as well as direct bank transfers. 

Due to the race to win and the sweet competition that it brings, the players get into an exciting war that eventually turns into healthy teasing and amusement. Prepare your best strategies and test your critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

Play ludo and win cash with India Ludo, which you can withdraw soon after winning.  It is a completely different experience and the best part is that money is only rotated within the families. An exclusive feature of India Ludo offers a private table where you can challenge your friends and family to play the game. Therefore, you earn and lose within a defined group of people. Consider making your family members your Ludo buddies, and you will see that it can be so much fun with them, leading to a wonderful bond. Don’t wait any longer. 

Download India Ludo, play ludo earn money and enjoy time with all your friends and family.

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