How I Changed The Online Ludo Game Strategy And Won a Losing Game?


Let’s first clarify that the below experiences and strategies are from the perspective of a 19-year-old, who loves to play strategic games online. 

Strategic Games allows you to think while you can challenge the real person. As well, you barely notice how quickly time passes when you play these games. I love playing online brain-challenging games whenever I have free time. Playing online strategic games has definitely helped me improve my math and critical thinking abilities.

As a newbie millennial interested in brain games, I have an endless supply of winning ideas and strategies. My Candy Crush level is 4463, while my Minecraft level is 17. My purpose is not to boast of my wins, but rather to demonstrate my ability to strategize a game. Out of all the games I play, I enjoy Ludo earning app the most for two main reasons.

1. You can play it with your family and friends as well.
2. I get to make my own pocket money by simply playing Indian Ludo game.  

Almost every country on earth plays Ludo. In India, the first board game I learned to play as a child was Ludo. However, Ludo is not a mere game of dice, rather, it is a strategic game that requires critical analysis and decision making.

If you want to earn good money play ludo game online, then you need to do the following things before you even begin playing for real money:

1. Find the right app:

There were various real-money ludo games online, some famous, some new, but some were fake. While exploring the platforms, I realized many of those games were algorithms based where winning using strategies and tricks was difficult. 

The best Ludo game in India, India Ludo, is not a complicated app with too many obligations. I found the app to be easy to use and understand. India Ludo, like many other apps, gives you an equal chance to win if you play strategically.

2. Read the rules:

On all platforms, I start by reviewing the rules, no matter if I have already played the game on another platform. Although, playing ludo earn money game has the same objectives — covering the lap and reaching home. Ludo online might follow different rules from a board game. 

It is a very common mistake to assume that you can remove a pawn when the dice roll 1, or that you have to kill a pawn to enter your home. However, you can simply reach home by completing a lap on various ludo gaming sites like India Ludo. Additionally, you can only withdraw pawns on 6, not 1. Read the rules before you play instead of learning from mistakes.

3. Don’t be over-confident:

The game of ludo makes us all overconfident. Ludo is not just a game of chance or dice roll. From where to invest your 6, whether it be withdrawing the pawn or moving another ahead, and how to move or secure the pawn. You need to understand your opponent’s plan when he moves a pawn, just like in chess. He is moving a certain pawn out of four for a reason. Be aware of your opponent’s move while moving your pawn wisely.

4. Play to win:

If you are playing a real-money game on an online gaming platform, your objective should not only be to pass the time, but also to maximize your investment. That being said, yes, you can earn a lot from playing ludo online on India Ludo. 

Now that you know these basic strategies of playing an online game. Here is ‘How I Changed The Online Ludo Game Strategy And Won a Losing Game’ :-

1. Rescuing from the chasing pawn –

Ludo games often end with the opponent waiting at the start point of their home for us to pass, then chasing us. When you have become irritated and are waiting for your opponent to act, you begin to move other pawns. I changed my strategy after playing several games. Rather than moving four pawns in different directions on the board, it is wise to move them in pairs. As soon as you play two pawns together, you have a greater chance of moving without being pursued while also increasing the likelihood of killing the opponent’s pawn.

 2. Winning from the start –

The objective of the game is to get all your pawns home before anyone else. Every time you can, kill the opponent’s pawn. By doing so, you slow down their game while also gaining an extra turn. Then, you can plan your second pawn strategically.

3. Home-line –

Many times, you will see your pawns line up to reach home, but struggle to get the 1 when you need it the most. By keeping the pawns in different positions, you can avoid such a situation. Do not keep the pawn on the same tile in a home line. A maximum dice roll can be capitalized when the pawns are on different tiles. To line up correctly, keep one outside the line on the safe tile (star), and the other three in the line. By doing this, you break the game algorithm and can move even on 6 or 1.

Now that you know how I changed a losing game to my favour by manipulating a few strategies. Try these three strategies, and win every game!

Of all online ludo platforms, I personally recommend India Ludo for various reasons:

  • Unlike other ludo games, India Ludo is not complicated. I found the app to be easy to use and understand.
  • Many other Ludo game apps lack direct bank transfers, which the app offered.
  • By adding voice chat and text chat, the game became more fun and less stressful. This feature of India Ludo is very enjoyable to me. 
  • My favourite settings are private tables, where I can play a money game with just my friends. My friends and I enjoy challenging each other.
  • But honestly, what made me download India ludo was the snug feeling of the app. And well! the trust paid. 

So, see you on the ludo game, download India Ludo App!

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