Beginners guide to India Ludo


India Ludo is the best online ludo game wherein the players race their four tokens from beginning to end, as indicated by the moves of a single roll of the die. This fascinating online ludo game, once being the favorite childhood indoor adventure, has now morphed with a fantastic user-friendly UI and, This is how you can play India ludo real money game.

Here are some tips for how to play online ludo game:-

1. In commencement, every token is placed and arranged in the Player’s plot.

2. When ready, the players enter their tokens one for each turn on their beginning squares and continue to sprint them clockwise around the board with the number the die presents.

3. With every Player rolling the die, the most noteworthy roller initiates the game. The Player’s substitute turns with the latter.

4. A player needs to draw a token from his house each time he gets a 6. On the off chance that the Player has no tickets and rolls other than a 6, it passes to the alternative.

5. Players should consistently move a token according to the die esteem rolled. If he has at least one pass in play, he chooses a token and advances along the track, as shown by the die’s number.

6. In case that a rival’s token is hindering your alley, you should arrive at a similar cell to catch it.

7. Passes are not permitted; if no move is conceivable, it passes to the following Player.

So now earn money by playing ludo.

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